Masters Coach & Distance Swimmer Jennifer Dutton and Masters Swimmer Captain Rob Dixon
Together they swim @22 miles per week.
Hear their personal experiences with Step #1 of the 90 Day “Prove it Challenge.”

Step #1 here is the Seven Day Healthy Cleanse.

Here’s a personal checklist. HowDoYouFeelToday for The “Prove It Challenge,” the program also now referred to as “Ready – Set – Wellness.”
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Take a couple of ‘Before” photos and even note where is the notch on your belt.
Even take a couple of measurements.
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You can get started here with your own Healthy Cleanse and Prove it Challenge.

For a nice overview of the “Healthy Cleanse, here’s from a colleague who’s introduced dozens of successful customers. Shaklee-7Day-Cleanse-HowTo-Outline-Download

For step by step suggestions on getting started, see “7 Remarkable Days.”

It is our intention that you are so satisfied with your results and your total experience that you will become lifetime customers.
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For more on the next phase after first 7 Days, look here.