First step of the 7-30-90 Day Restart

Get started here with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse

First step: Where you are now?

The notes you keep are for your information.
The more you know where you’re starting,
the happier you’ll be looking at your progress and results.

Take a couple of photos. No, you don’t ever have to share them!.

  • Take a couple of measurements.  Might be the belt. Might be the fit of something you’re wearing — or want to be wearing.
  • Mark your weight — but don’t get too focused on that. No one else cares what those numbers are. And muscle weighs more than fat. So as you tone up, a change in weight may not be your most valuable result.
  • Note your health markers. Our focus is health and total wellness, so we don’t promise to ‘fix’ anything. But some of those ‘numbers’ you may be tracking may just change for the better.
  • Fill in this Sheet. HowDoYouFeelToday Because the biggest changes may show up in small things. You may not remember them when they disappear!
    Tuck this sheet away with your other notes.


Here are some things you can do even before you officially start the 7 day clock.

  • Check the calendar. Not a great idea to start with Super Bowl or the family wedding in the middle of the 7 days.
  • Find a buddy or two. Great if it’s in the family to share the routine and menus. If not, nab a couple of partners to do it with you.
  • Ask how adding partners might decrease the cost of your own program. Contact us for your referral benefits, have them contact us to help with their choices, or go here.
  • Connect. Even if you’re not active on Facebook, let us connect you with a terrific resource that’s stored privately on the Facebook platform. You may need an invitation. It’s a great source to tap in to. Ask to Facebook Friend your sponsor and we’ll get you set up.
  • Start cutting down the coffee, alcohol and sweets. You’ll want to leave these behind for the 7 days.

Do your shopping!

It’s up to you to be sure you’re not ever hungry.
Load up with fresh goodies. And lots of water.

  • Here are some ideas. Page 3 has some suggestions for your shopping list.
  • Plan some time to cut up the veggies and snacks so you always have something with you.
  • Get out your favorite travel cup and plan for LOTS of water. If you think you’re hungry, drink more water. Take your body weight and drink at least 1/2 of that in ounces of water a day. 150 pounds = 75 ounces of water. If you don’t already have a home supply of water you’re happy with, here’s an excellent choice.

7 Days from now you’ll be so happy for the decision you’re making to get started.

Want more?
Here are more ideas, results and food ideas.

Meet some serious athletes celebrating their 7 Day Healthy Cleanse

Want still more?

As one of our colleagues recently said, “I feel so terrific after my 7 Days. And on Day #8 that Shake tasted soooo wonderful!”

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After your 7 Days, then begins your life-changing next steps.  “Strip & Shake.”  
It’s what’s next in 7 – 30 – 90 Day Reset Program.

  • 7 Days to Cleanse
  • 30 Days to Rebuilt
  • 90 Days to lock in the new habits