Looking in the mirror?  Realizing you’re no longer that carefree 20-something who could eat anything, have a haphazard exercise and fitness program, and still bounce back the next day? Stopping at the aisles of the store or looking online and starting to at least look at all of the vitamins and tablets and potions calling to you…and you’re CONFUSED? What if…you personalize a program just for you. Not your roommate. Not your friends. Just for you. In less than a minute, Here’s a powerful solution to the rescue. Want the questionnaire right now? Because we want you to have the best value, we suggest you Start here. We’ll start with the assumption that you’re a wise shopper. That you’ve already decided that the very most expensive nutritional supplements you buy are the ones that don’t work —no matter what the price.  So your primary standards are that you want SAFE and you want PROVEN. You want results! Nice that it’s even money-back GUARANTEED. You’re also SMART And you’re BUSY. You’ll do your homework. Then, once you decide to set your program, you want a couple of other things:

  • You want to see how to get it at the most beneficial price with the best rewards.
  • You want to be able to periodically update so if your needs change you can adjust your program. Like in these crazy times maybe you want even more immune support.
  • Then you want it delivered regularly. So all you have to do is use your personal program daily and you don’t have to think about it any more.

You’re willing to TRUST Shaklee. Review all of the reasons why that trust is deserved. Go here for even more on the science you can trust.

So…now what?

It’s not just a pretty package.  There’s tons of science and 100,000,000+ possible choices to your answers.

Here’s the complete powerful background. (38:00) Let’s get started with the questionnaire to give your own personal profile so you can prove the results for yourself. This is the most economical, most complete, and best value for getting started.   .  . Here’s a commentary from a new user, in answer to the question ‘how was the experience of taking the questionnaire: “It was good, very easy questions and makes you feel like you’re getting something pertained to you. Especially for a new comer that doesn’t know what to buy. Takes the guessing and the extra step of talking to someone to help them come up with a plan for them. I think its a great idea and will only benefit the new comers. Plus for me, when it comes in a daily pouch like that it’s easier to grab on the go in the morning or while traveling. Just bring how many you need for your trip and you’re done. No need to lug all the different bottles around rattling in your bag.” Take the questionnaire here.  Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, reach out and we’ll help you get exactly what you want for this first order. Note: it will come with free shipping, so if you want to add any additional items, this is a great opportunity to take advantage.