There’s such powerful science behind this “Prove It Challenge.” And the long term results have been tested for decades.

Want to keep a simple record for yourself of ‘results?’  Download this page HowDoYouFeelToday, print it, put today’s date on it, fill it in honestly, and tuck it away. It’s only for YOU! No one else has to see it.  But you can track your own ‘results’ better when you remember where you were when you started. 

PS:  Take a couple of selfies (before.) And write down your measurements. Only for you! 

The “Prove It Challenge” — introducing a 30 Day intro. “Strip & Shake” Vitamin Strip plus Daily Protein Shake, plus daily products for a 7 Day Healthy Cleanse.  It’s all in a package. 



Brief Intro to the Science Behind the Prove It Challenge 

Learn about the science behind the Prove It Challenge and the proven products that help you feel amazing in just thirty days, guaranteed. ( 2 Min)



The “Strip” Part of the Prove It Challenge

A daily comprehensive nutrition foundation in one convenient Vita-Strip (4 Min)



The “Shake” part of the Prove It Challenge

Shaklee Life Shake –to help you thrive and create the foundation for a longer, healthier life. (less than 2 minutes) 



Why Cleanse?

Learn why good gut health means so much more than a happy tummy, and how a healthy cleanse can help. (1 Min)



Healthy 7 Day Cleanse

Support healthy digestion and jumpstart weight loss with the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse (1 Min)


Questions? Want to chat? 

Ready to get started

  • Select 2 flavors of shakes. Hints — Vanilla is very versatile. Strawberry tastes great in any juice, milk choice or even water. And Caffe Latte is easy to travel, to mix in milk or water — or coffee. And chocolate — well, chocolate is for chocolate lovers!
  • Select the Strip for you. 
  • Consider adding the Organic Greens. Add cinnamon and you’ll never taste them, and they add huge value to each shake. 

Shaklee membership is complimentary.  
And shipping is complimentary on the entire order — including any extras you choose to add to the Prove It Challenge.  

View the entire Shaklee Product Guide here.
For personalized service, to guide you through the maze of possibilities for your own best choices, reach out to connect.
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