We live on the water in the Florida Keys. So what do we often hear? “What do you do about hurricanes?” Well, for one thing, hurricanes are not a surprise. There’s time to at least prepare. As an aside to our friends and family in the Abacos in the Bahamas, even ‘preparations’ couldn’t protect them from the wrath of the last hurricane. Hang in there. There is a message in this, and you’ll probably guess that hurricane preparation is related to preparing for global health alerts. Scroll down for the parallels.

How to sustain yourself during a disrupting global event? Maybe, just maybe, you’d want to consider staying supplied and continue to plan ahead…. 

Clean & Sanitize

Shaklee Basic G (Germicide) is a good start. Here’s a recent Basic G fact sheet on how and where to use it. Do you have enough on hand? Good news is it works and is EPA rated. And what about hands that need to be washed all of the time…. Hand Wash — Super sudsy makes it more like ‘go take your hands to the spa’ than following the order to ‘go wash your hands.’ Concentrated with soothing extracts and conditioners. You can enjoy keeping this around permanently. Add new Hand Sanitizer — certified for germ killing plus moisturizing and easy on the hands.

Immunity & Immune support

Nutriferon — the natural form of interferon, raises the level of immune support of the system. Do you have enough for yourself and family on hand? There’s impressive science in naturally increasing body’s interferon for immune support. The new Triple Boost Immunity Formula: .Supporting, Boosting, and Defending the Immune system in a great-tasting powder mix.  Delicious! Vitamin C — Didn’t Linus Pauling’s Nobel Prize point to like 4000 mg per day for all kinds of beneficial results? (That would be 8 Sustained Release Vita C per day.) Note: Vita C is water soluble and isn’t produced by the body, so you don’t have to have much concern about ‘getting too much.’ Shaklee Sustained Release Vita C raises blood levels of vitamin C for 12 hours. Now also available in delicious Vitamin C chewable @250 mg tablet. Added immunity: Vitalized Immunity — the fizzy Vitamin C that many of us use for extra protection.when we take a plane flight  Contains as much vitamin-C as 16 oranges. Formula I – that laser immune product many rely on, but in our family it’s referred to as ‘the little footballs’ to take when we feel something’s coming on.  Defend & Resist — When you feel that first tickle, respond by giving your immune system what it needs to stay strong. Echinacea and other goodies. ProbioticsThe Pearls and DI, because we know immunity begins in the digestive tract. The daily fundamentals: Basic Daily Vitamin regimen. Vitalizer strip. Or even better the Life Strip. Or the basic Vita Lea Multi. Immunity begins on a foundation of all-around balanced nutrition. Or now personalized  Meology that begins with a simple questionnaire. Best of all: Meology Prove It Challenge.  Protein shakes & Snack & Meal Bars. They’re terrific ‘food storage.’ Heck, we can live off them for days or weeks, so why not have an adequate supply and variety of flavors in stock for the family. The NEW Life Shakes even tastes great in water. Great places to start:the Meology Provie It Challenge & The Prove It Challenge   And prepare for immunity for the kids. Incredivites. Chewable Vita C as a start. And add the new ShakleeKids Super Immunity Gummies!

Here’s how we prepare for hurricanes. Sound familiar now? 

  • Keep the car filled with gas. You’ll always use it —  and there may be shortages or very long lines for those who don’t plan ahead.
  • Get some 5 gallon jugs of water. You’ll always be able to use it — and sometimes supply of clean water is challenged if pipes are compromised.
  • Stock up on the true necessities. Prescription Rx. A first aid kit. Dog food. Diapers. Maybe coffee. Or your favorite libation. What will you use later but you really don’t want to run out of?
  • Prepare for some times when trips to the store may not be possible or the stores may be crowded or out of stock. And get things that will do ok without refrigeration. The canned goods. Soups. Maybe favorite cereal. Cheese. Snack and meal bars.

And planning ahead in the event a major emergency comes screaming at you — and while supplies are available — makes you very smart. 

What’s to lose?

And if you’re savvy, you’ll calculate how to get the most from your Loyalty Rewards or Bonus Check when you add these purchases. So…consider stocking up on the items for yourself and your family and your household. It’s a start on your personal Healthy Medicine Chest. Stay safe and healthy!