What is the simplest, most powerful and available tool for presenting the entire Shaklee Story?
It’s available right here


Here’s a  of the Product Guide.

And here is the companion piece: Which Products Do You Use


It’s available for US in English & in Spanish, and for Canada in English & French. Just go to your Personal Website, look at the setting at the top right of the page, and select which format of the PWS you choose.

To locate your own link to the Product Guide Online, scroll all the way to the very bottom of the front page of your Personal Website, open “Online Product Guide,” and from there all of the links are attributed to you. Save it on the desktop.

*SHAKLEE SHARE AP for your phone or mobile

One click away. Attributed to you. Send link to anyone.


This can be the simplest tool for a live presentation. Keep one with you all the time.  Note: updated prices are available in the online version or separately here.