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The Shaklee Difference

“Why Shaklee” – Simple overview (@ 2 minutes)


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The Science Behind the Shaklee Difference

Powerful overview of the Landmark Study
40 year Shaklee veteran Vice President of Global Science Les Wong (@ 5 minutes)

The Science Behind the Landmark Study

The Landmark Health Study is one of the most extensive studies in the world on the role of nutrition in health.
Peer-reviewed documentation of the proven value of consistent use of Shaklee products for 30+ years.
40 year Shaklee veteran Vice President of Global Science Les Wong
(@ 18 minutes)


The Science Behind the “Prove it Challenge”

Impressive expanded overview of “Prove it Challenge”
Sometimes also referred to as “Ready-Set-Wellness”

Science & introduction of power of the Landmark Study (@ 17 minutes)



Shaklee Science, culture, and partners: “All Proof comes Naturally”

The Science Behind the Natural Product Philosophy

*Jacques Cousteau
*Nobel Peace Prize Winner — Founder of ‘The Green Belt Movement’
*Environment Awards — First company in the world to be Climate Neutral Certified
“Beyond Organic” product ingredients & sourcing, including Greens &

Dr. Jim Brooks (@ 14 minutes)

The Science Behind Shaklee 180

Science behind the Weight Management Program “180” & Fitness Training Studies

Dr. Wayne Westcott (@ 21 minutes)

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Study Course in Nutrition – directly from Dr. Shaklee