Yes, you’ll hear “15% off,” etc. etc. That tends to put a Shaklee membership into the same category as dozens of other ‘memberships’ that you have. Discount cards and coupons you can’t find. Logins where you can’t remember the passwords. ‘Memberships’ that you don’t even remember asking for and hardly ever use.

Our consumers are special people. They’re SMART. And they’re BUSY. They are looking to consume products that are proven to be SAFE and proven to WORK. With proven value.

Here are six powerful reasons to treasure your Shaklee membership so you don’t casually tuck it away and miss out on the gold.

1) Daily use of your basic nutrition regimen is a commitment to your health.

To being pro-active with prevention. Having great health may be easy to take for granted when you have it. Watching it get chipped away puts being healthy in a different light. Having health challenges — ones you might prevent and avoid — can completely change your life.

2) Not being healthy is inconvenient

Think of the time devoted to ‘going to the doctor’ — let alone ‘waiting’ to see the doctor, having tests, and the anxiety of ‘waiting’ for results.  To picking up medications, to say nothing of taking the medications and the side effects they may cause.   No — there’s no guarantee.  Actually there IS a Guarantee — the Prove it Challenge” 30 Day Guarantee — that it IS worth making this commitment.  Want to test the results? Here’s a simple way to measure. HowDoYouFeelToday

3) Inexpensive

Yes, think about it.  Instead of focusing on the monthly investment in your prevention and vitality, how about passing on a latte and looking at the alternatives. What about the co-pay every time to have to see the doctor? What about the OTC potions you regularly use instead — sleep and allergy and headache and pain and energy-boosting, etc.

4) Set a wellness example.  

Our ‘health care’ system is broken. That’s not a political conversation — it’s just a commentary on reality that the focus is not on prevention, it’s on treatment. We’re hammered with ads for medications that address so many maladies. We are fortunate to have those treatments if we need them — but what about if we can avoid them? See LandmarkStudyFlyer– the powerful commentary on those groups who have been consistent for 20 and 30 years with their Shaklee nutrition programs. They use minimal to no medications, and have better health markers in all major categories. Compare the Shaklee group with those groups that used no vitamins or that used Brand-X vitamins.  You’re making such a wise choice! 

5) Contribute to the health of your household and the planet.

Our customers want two qualities in what they consume: Products that are SAFE and products that WORK. What if you know you can count on those qualities in your home. For your laundry. In your personal care items. As you clean your home. In your daily skin care? Our best customers are SMART and BUSY, and they rely on Shaklee choices for all of these important consumer items.

6) Healthy living is a commitment to yourself. HABITS determine our destiny.

The things we routinely do daily and consistently, every single day. Like using our Shaklee products — not ‘forgetting’ — makes us stronger as people and is a valuable role model to our kids, family and those around us.

Interested in ways to have the products be even more economical for you and your family? Ask us about Referral Bonuses. Ask us about Loyalty Rewards. Ask us about “Free Product Level.” Ask us about joining our Mission for Well Care not Sick Care. Ask about Tax benefits of owning your own home-based business. Ask about building an Asset that can provide income for decades.

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