Do you go to your ‘big box’ Costco-type store and only buy 1 roll of paper towels?  Of course not! Items that you know you’ll use daily, forever, you keep on hand and never let yourself run out of them.



See note below.*

Same for your own Shaklee Pantry inventory. Begin keeping back ups of most-used products as soon as you begin as a Shaklee consumer.

If your printer runs out of paper or toner, or your porch light needs a new bulb, you need to replace it NOW — not a few days from now. What about your dish and laundry and bath products? Run out and wait a few days for them to be replaced? NOT! Feel a cold coming on and wait a few days for more Vitamin C or immune support to be delivered?  Of course not! Set up your Healthy Medicine Chest.

Know that those needed supplies are in the pantry already. Particularly if there’s concern supplies are not always dependably available.

How does this habit expand with your business commitments?  If you call yourself a ‘Distributor,’ doesn’t it make sense that you have something to distribute? Help new consumers have products to taste or sample or get started with right away — to say nothing of having products on hand for a quick hospitality or teacher gift. Or for samples, or displays, or for experimenting with new flavors. After all, this is a consumer products business.

Keeping those products fresh?  Remember the concept of LILO.  Last In Last Out. Last products received are the last products consumed. Keep an eye on the ‘use by’ dates on products — though with Shaklee products, you likely can expect that there’s safe value long after.   

What if a customer needs to take products from your own Pantry?  Easy!  Supply them with your own products, then place an order in their own name thru the company, and change the shipping address to come back to you.

  • They get their products right away. Satisfied customer.
  • You can process the order using their own credit card, and their account will reflect the order. Simple. 
  • You get your own Pantry Products replaced, so they’re ready for you or for another customer when they most need them.  Stay prepared.

What products to keep on hand? My guidelines are…

  • products I’m using myself and don’t want to run out of
  • products I’m likely to promote.  If I’m using those products, or flavors, myself, there’s a good chance those are the same products I’m likely to promote and invite others to start with right away.
  • products a customer — or my own family — need right away. Iffy digestion? Feel a cold coming on? Extra company or visiting soccer team with extra loads of laundry — and you’re about to run out?

Does this mean your business requires ‘keeping an inventory?’  We simply think of it as a ‘pantry inventory’ of products you don’t want to run out of for yourself.  Keep backup products on hand.  They won’t go bad…and you’ll avert that inconvenient emergency trip to some “Brand X” store.

We develop Customers for Life.