Dr. Richard Brouse at Sunnyside Health Center is a powerful resource as an Independent Shaklee Distributor, with also decades of science and connection with Dr. Shaklee and their shared philosophies of living in Harmony with Nature.

Important for the guys — particularly those 40 and older.  Here are ‘coffee talk’ brief insights on unique values of Shaklee Saw Palmetto.
1. This first one on dry skin — inside and out — and how unique components of mixed tocopherols in Shaklee Saw Palmetto are of special benefit for men.

Power of mixed tocopherols in Shaklee Saw Palmetto Complex.

Posted by Sunnyside Health Center on Wednesday, November 6, 2019


2. Pumpkinseed Oil, its unique extraction method, and the unique added values to Shaklee Saw Palmetto.

3. One more special insight – into the unique values and components — like caramel — of Shaklee Saw Palmetto.

Here for more on Shaklee Saw Palmetto.


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