Thanks to Dr. Bruce Daggy, Shaklee’s former Senior Vice President of Science and Research, for this stunning graphic and commentary. See the photo below:

Here’s what an arms race with Nature looks like. Use of glyphosate herbicide on Roundup Ready crops is driving the expression of glyphosate resistance in weeds. These resistant super weeds force farmers to use more potent herbicides. The super weeds respond to the new herbicides by again expressing resistance, and you can guess who will be there when that happens, ready to sell the farmers even more toxic herbicides and proprietary seeds. Figure from Wall Street Journal January 7, 2020. More than 60,000 metric tons of weedkillers were applied to US soybeans alone in 2017.”

Daily I have increased appreciation for the Shaklee commitment to products that are SAFE and products that WORK. That are Beyond Organic. To the methodical commitment to testing for residues of these ingredients in what we consume.  And to how increasingly difficult it is to source these safe products.

There’s a powerful earning opportunity connected to educating our world on topics like these. If you’d like to spread these messages and be paid to provide solutions — well, reach out and ask us how we can team up.