Our customers are looking for elite products that are SAFE and products that WORK. Here’s a window into impressive proof.

Why Shaklee” – Simple overview (@2 minutes) : https://shaklee.tv/the-shaklee-difference

Powerful overview – Landmark Study — Les Wong: https://shaklee.tv/the-science-behind-the-shaklee (5:50)

Impressive expanded overview of “Prove it Challenge” science & introduction of power of the Landmark Study https://shaklee.tv/the-science-behind-the-prove-it-2  (@17 min)

The Science. These powerful clips are slightly more expansive segments

Shaklee Science, culture, and partners —  Dr. Jim Brooks — “Beyond Organic” product ingredients & sourcing, including Greens & Vivix: — https://shaklee.tv/the-science-behind-our-natural  (14:00)

Science behind the Weight Management Program “180” & Fitness Training Studieshttps://shaklee.tv/the-science-behind-shaklee-180