We partner with high-performers to support their personal health along with possibilities for long-term financial health.
Our customers are SMART and they’re BUSY.
And they choose elite products that are proven to be SAFE and proven to WORK.

Our goal: to create customers for life. Note: we already have countless customers who have been loyal and consistent repeat consumers for decades.

We know the Shaklee brand partner that we represent will not let us down.  The best of NATURE combined with the best of SCIENCE. Here’s a 3 minute summary of the origins of the company, from over 100 years ago.

A History of Innovation

Small steps–a young boy running across a field–led to some amazing results. That’s the story of Shaklee. @ 3min



We take seriously our personal commitment to assure and customer service and education. We want to maintain your trust and product loyalty for life.

Questions, questions, questions.  With literally unlimited choices, how do you select Shaklee?

As you get started, here are some things you’ll want to know:

The PHILOSOPHY and CULTURE of the company. The track record. World class explorers. Partnership with NASA and Astronauts. 146 Olympic medals to Shaklee Pure Performance Olympians. And millions of high-performing leaders and busy families around the globe.

The Shaklee Story

Since 1956, Shaklee has been on a mission to help people thrive.  From pioneering the first multi-vitamin in the US to pushing the limits of human endurance, Shaklee is proven by science and proven by people.  Watch how we’re committed to changing health care into well care. @ 2min



The PROOF. The science and testing and track record of consumers with decades of experience. Here’s are just two quick examples:

Shaklee Product Distribution Center

Join Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett as he gives you a behind the scenes look at Shaklee’s unique product distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. @ 2min




Quality is in the Details

At Shaklee, quality is in the details! Join our Chairman and CEO as he gives us a special look at the Shaklee Product Distribution Center and rigorous testing and inspection process that our products undergo. @ 2min