Have you always thought that once bone loss began there was nothing you could do to reverse it? Or that being on prescription meds for life was the only solution?

Here’s some quite impressive– actually stunningly impressive — long term science.

This is an impressive talk for Shaklee by Dr. Wayne Wescott,  who shared results of his independent studies that prove bone loss is reversible. Published peer-reviewed studies of Shaklee results. Hint: specific weight training plus daily Shaklee Life Shakes.

So are you…
…Concerned about results from those ‘bone density’ tests?
…Seeing friends ‘shrinking’ and getting shorter?
…Thinking that next fall might results in a broken bone?

If so, this might be the best 18 +/- minutes you’ll spend. If you’re in a hurry skip to 3:30 minutes into the video.

As a bonus, you’ll also hear equally impressive results of long-term and sustained weight loss, with improvements in many other health markers.