What if you took 5 days with friends
to refresh your health journey?


Hear this invitation (click on photo above)

5 Day Reset — Meet online Monday – Friday
Look for confirmed date — early March

Ask here to be invited

Low Energy?
Brain Fog?
Challenges losing weight?
Difficulty Sleeping?
Reduced Libido?

Frequent Headaches? 

Here’s the booklet with answers to most of your questions

5 day Reset Guidelines – 2023
Use the Link.

Ask to be invited to the private Facebook Group:

Link will be available as next group is confirmed

5-Day Reset Tuesday, September 4 -Saturday, September 9
Use the link.

Meantime, here’s what you’ll want to have on hand.
Please plan ahead in the event there are any glitches in shipping.

Are you completely new, and is this your first Shaklee venture?
Then we suggest your best starter package is called “Ready-Set-Wellness” 


Cost is less than $200.
This will include variety with a choice of 2 different flavors of the protein shake.
You’ll also have a month’s supply of your daily vitamin routine — either MeOlogy or Vitalizer Strip.
And for your ‘Bonus Product,’ simply select the “7 Day Health Cleanse.”

This is the daily sachet of products that will support your daily routine.
With this package, your shipping will be free, and you will have a complimentary Shaklee membership,
And you may choose to add any other items to this first order.

If this isn’t your first Shaklee product venture, what other products do you want on hand?

The absolute ‘Basics’  

  • The Healthy 7 Day Healthy Cleanse.

    You’ll use this for the 5 days on the Reset.
    The additional 2 days you may choose to use either before or after.

  • Life Shake.

    Select the flavor you’ll be sure to use. We recommend that you choose vanilla is you choose only one flavor.
    Ideally, choose a couple of flavors — so you can create your own variety.
    For these 5 days you’ll be making at least 2 and sometimes 3 shakes a day.

Here are some extras you’ll be happy to have on hand

Are you concerned about skipping caffeine for these 5 days? 

  • We suggest you choose at least one flavor of tea.  Green tea may be closest to the caffeine, or select from any of the other choices
  • Consider adding the Energy Chews. They’re a small shot of caffeine you can reach if you feel the need.

Do you crave salty snacks?

  • Consider adding the Snack Crisps.
    We routinely use these instead of crackers. And you can use them as dip– like for hummus.

Want to be sure you have a ‘sweet’ snack?

Select your favorite Snack Bar and have a box on hand
For variety, choose the Assorted Pack  with 4 different flavors

If you don’t have a really good source of Reverse Osmosis water, this is a good time to get a Get Clean Water Pitcher

You’ll be drinking lots of water!  Note: a good habit for life.
No schlepping bottles from the store. Buy the pitcher once and simply keep replacement filters on hand.

Now remember to go to the grocery store for all of the fresh items for the week.
5 day Reset Guidelines – 2023 for suggestions.

And before you actually start fill out this checklist
just for yourself.

Bet you notice some changes even in these 5 Days.
Happy Resetting!