Looking to stay healthy these crazy days?

When you see the rain coming, it’s a good time to pull out the umbrella. Keep it handy.
When it starts blowing and raining really hard, wouldn’t you also like to be wearing a raincoat for even better protection? 

Well, common sense says that one thing we can all do is make sure that our own personal immune systems — our own ‘raincoats’ — are as snug and fitting as possible.

Ask us for a consult on ideas for a ‘full raincoat’ personal package that’s right for you.
Note: there’s nothing here that doesn’t have a heritage of 65 years of impeccable testing to be SAFE and PROVEN.
Here’s a simple start that tastes great.

More about this great tasting addition here.

Want more robust protection?  To start, here’s a simple and very inexpensive choice:  Add. Vitamin D.
And thanks, Dr. Linus Pauling, for letting us all know the value of Vitamin C. Available in Vitamin C Sustained Release (each tab (like 7 oranges)  as well as Vita C Chewables (taste great.)

And then there’s this powerful patented only completely natural source of Interferon called Nutriferon. .More of the story on this powerful and exclusive product in a separate more extensive article here.

And how about specially for the kids? Super Gummies!

Now here’s more from the science team on to the value of keeping our natural systems strong.

Access here the complete line of these elite products– the Best of Nature backed by 65+ years of the Best of Science.
More ideas on sanitizing here.

To dig in and hear more about how these select items might protect you, here’s a science resource from the University of California.
And here’s one more from the same source.

For assistance in personalizing your own “Raincoat” package, please contact us for a friendly consult.
Stay healthy — and stay dry!