What are probiotics and why are they valuable? They’re the millions of little good bacteria in the gut — which balance the ‘bad’ bacteria and also the candida — yeast, molds, funguses. All of these coexist pretty readily in a well balanced system. But who can be assured of that balance? With the regular uses of anti-biotics, to say nothing of those that may be hidden in our food supply, it’s more and more challenging to maintain good balanced digestive health.

Challenge of trying to get enough of these from yogurts or other fragile sources is that most probiotics are destroyed long before they can get into the lower part of the digestive track. Enter: Probiotics. So what to use?
Here are some hints from the wisdom of Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee’s head of Medical Affairs.

“In general, I would go to DI (both if taking Vitalizer). Start with Optiflora pearl for folks with highly sensitive GI tract”
Dr. Jamie McManus, MD

Here are some additional quotes from personal experiences, both from customers and from recommendations from Dr. McManus and the Shaklee Science Team. Add your own experiences in the comments below.

“I learned a lot about gut health this summer and went from just taking the Pearl in the Strip to taking the DI and pre/probiotic first thing in the morning -plus cutting way back on corn and wheat. Major change in gut health!! Listening to pod casts by Dr Gundry (and his books) has helped many clients who made changes like mine with great results. I add the protocol when someone is going to do the cleanse also.”

“I think people typically get the best results with the Optiflora DI, but I actually take both!”

“I take both but the DI is the bomb!”

“I find the Pearl to be more gentle for new people who are not nutritionally conscious and would do well to enjoy a graceful intro, and the capsule to be outstanding for increasing the types of intestinal flora that a person would like and need.”

“I heard somewhere to buy both and take one for 2 days then the other for 2 days and do this for the month to see which one your body responds to better. Not sure where I heard this, it was not my original idea, but has worked well for the people I’ve recommended this to.”

“Be cautious about starting a ‘novice’ on the Optiflora PreBiotic powder at first. It hyper-activates all of those millions of good bacteria in the pearl and DI, and if they’re introduced into a system that’s not acclimated, that ‘hyper-activation’ may be more than they a novice wants to start with.”

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