When Is "One Invite per day" not the best strategy?

Unit #11 - Strategy Session - 90 Day Run to Momentum with Richard Brooke.

I’ve been re-listening and re-listening to each of the segments in “90 Days Run to Momentum” with Richard Brooke. Here are some flashing lights from #11 - the Strategy Session.

For a new person “One invite a day” may be premature!

That new person is a brand new Apprentice.

  • They haven’t experienced answering questions.

  • Do they even know ‘how’ to present the book?

  • Do they have a clear presentation to give if someone says ‘yes.’

  • Do they have their one or two chosen ‘start with these products’ packages for their candidate to begin ‘testing’ ?

And they can barely have a idea of a business development pathway. They’re too new!

So what’s our job?

  • Lay out these steps for them and model them while working together.

  • Work with them directly. DO the calls with them. DO the presentations with them until they have the model.

And “TAPROOT.” It’s what we’ve always referred to as ‘working in depth.’ Like 7 Generations in depth.

So ‘one new invite a day’ is NOT always the best strategy for everyone. Depends on where you are in the business.

Doing one Shaklee Activity a day — now that’s something else. Look at your own Organizational Goal Chart. Working in depth may be your most important focus. Check the Stat Tracker and see where you are.

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