What's the name for our marketing channel? "Network Marketing?""

What name do we use for our distribution channel? For what we do? 

First, what we do is a PROFESSION. It requires experience, beginning as an ‘Apprentice.’ The better we get at what we do, the more we produce, the more income we can earn.…and the more value we have to the company.

When many of started, our “Channel” of distribution didn’t really have a particular name.  Sometimes it was

·      Multi-level Marketing

·      Sometimes it was ‘Network Marketing.’

We fell into the umbrella of “The Direct Selling Association” – which is the industry trade group that represents all forms of these channels of independent business owners. 

As the Profession has grown in the past decade or more, the term ‘Network Marketing’ has more been adapted to describe companies like Shaklee, which has a pay plan that goes beyond simply selling directly to customers and instead rewards people for leadership, for creating organizations and for building in depth.

These distinctions are clearly outlined in Richard Brooke’s book “The Four Year Career.” The special Shaklee edition of this is available only on www.AltusProductions.com.

There are some reasons in some circles this term ‘network marketing’ isn’t held in high regard. Unfortunately there’s reason for that rap. Companies have exaggerated claims, have marketed inferior products, and have flaunted excessive earnings claims.  So yes, a few bad apples can spoil the perceptions of a whole barrel. 

This leaves legit companies scrambling for how to distance themselves from those bad apples. Some choose to simply change the name from ‘network marketing’ – although it doesn’t change the actual reality.  See more here: “Direct Selling vs. Network Marketing.

If you hear a term like – “Social Marketing” – that may capture the idea of what we do but with a different set of words. It doesn’t necessarily imply only using Social Media, but it can include Social Media as ways to reach out and find some people who might be looking for who we are and what we do.

What we know, bottom line, is that no matter HOW someone finds a customer, the value to us and to them and to the company comes from OUR creating personal relationships with them.  For US that’s creating the kinds of repeat customers that have sustained our businesses for decades.

No amount of ‘social media’ alone with create that.

And only when we focus, as Dr. Shaklee started us, on developing organizations, with leadership, do we create the impact of MULTIPLYING, not just addition (and subtraction) that shows up in Direct Sales. 

And only then can we legitimately create the kind of ASSET income that can provide generational wealth.

So when you hear the term “Social Marketing”— or some variation — it may simply be a modification to try to accommodate not use the term Network Marketing. See more here.

'Network Marketing' -- vs 'Direct Selling'

How to describe the ‘Channel’ of distribution of Shaklee Products…

 What’s in a name? Call it ‘social marketing’ or ‘relationship marketing' or whatever. Either way…

Shaklee is a Network Marketing company. If you’re not certain, look at the design of the compensation Dream Plan and what it rewards. Organizational development. For multi-generations. That’s what Network Marketing is.

With the strength of the Shaklee product line, there’s a blend of both methods of product distribution —because the Shaklee products stand on their own without having a connection with the earning opportunity. (Note–that’s not common to many other network marketing companies.)

 We ‘direct sell’ products to customers, and develop a strong base of consumers. The better our consumers are oriented to ‘the Shaklee Difference’ the more likely they are to become long-time customers, as so many leaders have proven with repeat customers who’ve been consistent for decades.

One of the clear objectives in taking on leadership and organizational development is to develop that strong customer base, beginning with, say, 30 families. Being ‘Raving Fans’ of the products is a core component in creating a profitable Asset in producing business income for generations. See more here.

The math in Direct Selling is Addition — and commonly also Subtraction.

  • Addition: One customer at a time, with appreciation for their referrals and being word of mouth advertising. ‘Direct selling’ tends to respond short term to ‘specials’ and time-sensitive incentives.

  • Subtraction: Without personal relationships and clear and solid brand and product loyalty, ‘direct selling’ often doesn’t result in consistent long-term purchasing or groundwork for business development.  

Network Marketing expands the growth possibilities by accessing Multiplication. By introducing not just products but also earning possibilities, growth isn’t simply linear. It can be in depth, where it can be far more lucrative. Developing business organizations taps in to multiplication, because now each additional independent business leader blends customer development (‘direct sales’) with organizational development (‘network marketing.)

Network Marketing is a Multi BILLION$$$ (with a B) global profession tapping in to Multiplication.  

 Shaklee’s Dream Compensation Plan was introduced nearly a decade ago to tap into this powerful method of network distribution, both for marketing product and spreading the messages of the core values that Shaklee so powerfully and uniquely represents. 

For more on the earnings model, see the Custom Four Year Career book – Masters Edition for Shaklee. www.AltusProductions.com.

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Powerful Observations: An outsider looks at Shaklee

This short piece was written by Richard Brooke, 40+ year professional network marketer — friend of 20 years, coach, business owner, and mentor of generations of business leaders and entrepreneurs in countless companies, including his own. He is not part of the Shaklee business — but as you can see, he is an admirer. Here’s why….

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Richard Brooke


John Maxwell

Looking to embark on your Four Year Career?

Private Shaklee Custom Edition  www.AltusProductions.com

Private Shaklee Custom Edition


Questions for you:

  • It all starts with WHY? Why do you want a business?  And then WHY will someone else want to join you and have their own business. Invest 18 minutes in this classic TED Talk from Simon SinekRemember this “Golden Circle.” When you’re tempted to stumble over to “How” do I do this or “What” do I do, remember it all starts with WHY.

  •  ·Clear objectives for the next 90 Days…What results will be worth it for you? Example: $1000/month income. WHY? What will it mean to you?  Start in paying off debt? Funding kid’s programs? Deposit on a new place to live? Recognition?  Be specific. It’s not the $$ that will motivate. It’s what does the $$ mean to you? In pictures? WHY?

  •  Pull out your calendar.

 o   Where will your business development time fit into your existing schedule?

o   Can you prioritize the business activities you’ll commit to be part of? As a Leader, these activities are not longer ‘optional.’ They are opportunities for you to step up and to use them to invite your own team.

§  Business Leader calls & webinars.

§  Local meeting’ s – weekly, or special events.

§  Regional events

§  National conference and other events

  • Already a Raving Fan of the Shaklee products?  Is there still “Brand X” around your house? See Are you a Raving Fan of the Products?

  • How’s support from your family or support team?

    Of course it’s ideal that everyone’s on board and fully supportive. Note: you may want to reach out to some mentors to talk with the family. At the very least, look for ‘benignly neutral.’ Support with family matters when you’re working on business. Ideally a bit on the ‘encouraging’ side and then— looking ahead, of course, to the time when they begin to see the results you’re working for and then support is often easier to come by.

  • Where to connect with Leader information?

    • www.Facebook.com/BarefootPossibilities. Follow the events and notes.

    • https://partnershipwithnature.com/calendar. Notes & links to coming Team events.

    • Ask about other leader communications

  • Decide who will be your primary mentor. As soon as you start, there will be ideas from everywhere. Often online, or from promotions or suggestions from random sources. This is when it’s important to stay focused, and decide who you’re going to follow. Think of joining the business as joining a sports team. There may be many good coaches, and many good plans. What will not work is continuing to switch back and forth. When you get to Master Coordinator, you can get creative. Until then, follow your mentors and stay focused!