Basic Skin Care for Busy (Lazy?) People

100% had Younger Skin in 7 Days

First, these products are for people who want SAFE.

And they also want products that are PROVEN.

See what the test results showed here.

Confession: It took me a long time to adopt the idea of a totally disciplined daily routine of skin care.
It Just hadn’t gotten on my agenda.

Standing over a sink or vanity to wash my face just didn’t feel user-friendly.
But as the calendar turned, I decided it was time to find a way to have a simple but complete routine.


So I found a way for AND – and BOTH.

Simple. Little Hassle. And still complete routine.

STEP ONE: CLEANSE: It starts in the shower.

I hated that idea of splashing water over my face in the sink — so I put the CLEANSER  in the shower.
I use it every time I shower. No extra time.

When I use either Mask, I plan a few minutes ahead I also wash that off in the shower.
Note on the masks below. And to complete the shower, I use the Body Wash .


For the guys? Some use the Body Wash.  Some use Hand Wash. And some use Meadow Blend Bar. For shave and all over . OK. That’s Step One. Showered. No extra time. Time to dry.

STEP TWO: Toner (Takes 10 seconds) Some use a cotton-type ball. I splash some on the corner of the towel. Says it neutralizes any stuff in the water, and gives an extra step to prepare the skin for the goodness that’s next.

STEP THREE: The Serums and Radiance C&E Capsules (The Magic) Do some homework on these extraordinary products. Science and stats show these are big part of those results of  “lower the appearance of the skin by a decade or more.” Does it take time to add these? How about applying them while you finish drying, combing the hair, and start getting dressed. The results are worth the new habit. Maybe fewer crinkles? Tighter neck? How about a quick application of Eye Treatment on those fragile eye lids. And remember an extra spot of the magic C&E Capsules for special spots. Note: these also seem to have some nice healing properties.




STEP FOUR: The Moisturizing & Finishing touches Choose your preferred moisturizer. YOu can be covered for sun-protection with the daytime moisturizer choices. Finish with the BB Cream of your choice. A bit of the smoothing color, and additional chemical-free SPF-30 sun protection. 4 shades to choose from. Some people find they blend 2 shades.

i personally love the Rich Night Cream at night. And sometimes I’ll use it as my choice during the regular routine. Yes, that’s why we have choices.  🙂

And how about a touch of Mascara?

One of my friends says she makes a “Masque Evening” — often at some time over the weekend. Allow a few extra minutes before the shower — or even enjoy treatment of a spa bath.
Treat yourself. Or ask for a special gift from someone who wants to treat you? Your first package should last you about 60 days.
NOT SURE WHERE TO START?  We’re happy to chat.