Be sure to check the dates!
There is a smaller group January 8-11…
…and those who haven’t ordered their products may follow another that begins January 15-19.



“5-Day Reset” starts Monday – Friday, August 7 – 11

The “5-Day Reset” was the original foundation for the “7 Day Healthy Cleanse”

In this recording of a quick overview call, we discuss the differences,
along with way to plan ahead with invitations.
Password is 0@cuwZ9b (that’s a Zero)


This picture is an example to use:

From our mentors with experience:
“We mainly encourage people to make their own posts with photo for better results .. like this.
Then in comments it’s “ask me more.”
Or “who wants to join me?” Etc.
Another option:  do a video talking about joining friends in a reset etc.”
Do this in personal messages, social media, invitations, cards, etc.

Here’s the file with more info

Get started with the pre-invitations.
We’ll have the actual FB site in another week.
(Experience says don’t post it too early.)

Encourage candidates to order their products now
to have them on hand when they begin.

Minimum products to have on hand are at least 1 can of Life Shake & the Healthy Cleanse package.
Additional products can include
Vitalizer or MeOlogy
Green Tea — or other teas –& Energy chews if they’re concerned about weaning away from coffee
Asssorted snack bars or Snack Crisps

If they’re brand new, they can do Ready-Set-Wellness and select the Healthy Cleanse as their extra.

Share your campaigns, results, and questions as we set this up.