Looking to embark on your Four Year Career?

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Private Shaklee Custom Edition


Questions for you:

  • It all starts with WHY? Why do you want a business?  And then WHY will someone else want to join you and have their own business. Invest 18 minutes in this classic TED Talk from Simon SinekRemember this “Golden Circle.” When you’re tempted to stumble over to “How” do I do this or “What” do I do, remember it all starts with WHY.

  •  ·Clear objectives for the next 90 Days…What results will be worth it for you? Example: $1000/month income. WHY? What will it mean to you?  Start in paying off debt? Funding kid’s programs? Deposit on a new place to live? Recognition?  Be specific. It’s not the $$ that will motivate. It’s what does the $$ mean to you? In pictures? WHY?

  •  Pull out your calendar.

 o   Where will your business development time fit into your existing schedule?

o   Can you prioritize the business activities you’ll commit to be part of? As a Leader, these activities are not longer ‘optional.’ They are opportunities for you to step up and to use them to invite your own team.

§  Business Leader calls & webinars.

§  Local meeting’ s – weekly, or special events.

§  Regional events

§  National conference and other events

  • Already a Raving Fan of the Shaklee products?  Is there still “Brand X” around your house? See Are you a Raving Fan of the Products?

  • How’s support from your family or support team?

    Of course it’s ideal that everyone’s on board and fully supportive. Note: you may want to reach out to some mentors to talk with the family. At the very least, look for ‘benignly neutral.’ Support with family matters when you’re working on business. Ideally a bit on the ‘encouraging’ side and then— looking ahead, of course, to the time when they begin to see the results you’re working for and then support is often easier to come by.

  • Where to connect with Leader information?

    • www.Facebook.com/BarefootPossibilities. Follow the events and notes.

    • https://partnershipwithnature.com/calendar. Notes & links to coming Team events.

    • Ask about other leader communications

  • Decide who will be your primary mentor. As soon as you start, there will be ideas from everywhere. Often online, or from promotions or suggestions from random sources. This is when it’s important to stay focused, and decide who you’re going to follow. Think of joining the business as joining a sports team. There may be many good coaches, and many good plans. What will not work is continuing to switch back and forth. When you get to Master Coordinator, you can get creative. Until then, follow your mentors and stay focused!