Meet Laura Evans -- Corporate Exec to star Business Leader "P" = Partners.

Laura Evans.jpg

One of the joys of our business is the lifetime friendships we create. And surprise: sometimes they’re actually ‘competitors’ — meaning we’re working with the same Shaklee company but we’re not even in the same business organizations.

Here’s a treasured friend, mentor, and partner in our business ventures: Senior Master Coordinator Laura Evans.

  • Here in her own words is her personal story: Mother of 4, 25 years a senior corporate executive, including President of a $1+ Billion company. Now independent entrepreneur, business owner and Senior Shaklee Sales Leader.

  • Additional prestige: Laura’s “Network Marketing Hero” interview by Richard Bliss Brooke, 40+ year personal coach and network marketing mentor. To be invited to do such an interview is a very high honor. Enjoy.

“P” Stands for Partners — the people you will look to be mentored by, who will be your role models, and who can also become your lifetime friends. If we’re known by the friends and associates we spend most time with, we know you’ll be impressed to know Laura is one you can look forward to working with.