WHY? What’s your purpose? People don’t care what we do–they care why we do it.

Simon Sinek, noted author and lecturer, says "It all Start with WHY." You can hear his game-changer 16 minute talk:  The Golden Circle."  Preview this overview that follows for the motivations in 'why' we have a career-long commitment to the Shaklee vision.  "Why"...

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We partner with SMART and BUSY people to create physical and financial health.

You may be looking to take control of your personal health. Or you may look to develop a financial asset that can pay for a lifetime. Or perhaps you choose to partner in our mission and earn another stream of income to spend time with family or fulfill important life-goals. We’re here to support you. Partnership with Nature is brought to you by Carolyn & Eddie Wightman. We’ve been independent Shaklee Distributors for well over four decades, and are honored to hold the title of Presidential Master Coordinator – Shaklee Corporation’s highest leadership rank.  We’re passionately committed to creating and mentoring new generations of leaders.

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And for personalized service, to guide you through the maze of possibilities for your own best choices, reach out to connect.

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