Ready for a Business? First Steps.

The big question! What does ‘having a business’ mean for you? What will it provide for you — and not just the dollars. How will it contribute to your life?

Here are things to look at: as you Get Started. And guess what will be the finale?

There will be 3 components to your having a thriving, balanced and successful business:

  1. Be a Raving Fan of the products.
    What does this look like? Go through your house and check all of the ‘Brand X’ that you’ve been accustomed to using — and make a commitment to replace it all with the Shaklee product. See “Which Products are you using” for some hints.. More on “Are you a Raving Fan?”

  2. Tell your story and recommend? This is the first step in developing your consumer base. Some may be ‘testing’ the products to consider joining you. Some may be focused on immediate product results. Either way, this is how we get paid! People have to be consuming the products — and ideally they too will become raving fans and be willing to also tell their story and recommend. More on “Tell your story and recommend.”

  3. Invite other to ‘Take a Look’ at the earning possibilities. Share your personal ‘mission.’ Why are you doing this? Invite them to partner with you, so they too can bring to live their own personal mission. Draw out your business organization — even before you know who will fill the places — so you aren’t acting solo but are developing a team….PS You’re also modeling that this is what they will want to do. Listen to (Use if you do not have your own login ) or for open use. “Invite others to Take a Look.”

    Now a key component: Begin TODAY with a commitment to your own personal development. You can start on Ted Talks and YouTube and pick some channels. Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brene Brown, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer — whoever!! Find a style that you connect with, and commit at least once a day to tune in. The world is a very, very negative place, and until we commit to our own personal growth and education we will always be candidates for being dragged down.

Now MAKE A DECISION! The word ‘decision’ means to ‘cut off or kill any back door.’ No possibility of backing out. Now Start with WHY. Let’s get started….

Are you a Raving Fan of the products?

Here’s a test. If someone walks into your house, or sees your toiletries in the hotel bathroom, Is everything that can be replaced a Shaklee product?

Here are some good reasons for this example:

  • How can you promote or talk about something that you don’t use? If you were partnering with a clothing line that you couldn’t wear yourself that would be different. But Shaklee products are consumer products that everyone uses. If you’re a Raving Fan, you’ll be setting the example.

  • If you and your family are your best customers, look at how important that example is to your prospective business partners. If a first goal is to qualify as a Director — note, we say with 3000 points, not just the minimu 2000 — how many people would that take? If customers begin with 50 points or 100 points periodically, it will take much more time and effort to consistently reach 3000+ points than if they all are 150 or 300 or 500+ point consumers. Note: it’s not uncommon for Shaklee Raving Fan Families to consistently use 400 - 800 points per month — for life! It’s just less that they purchase at grocery story or other suppliers, and you all benefit from the extra bonus of having quality and safety in what you and your family consume.

How soon do I do this? As soon as you can! Move the Brand X your selves right away — or at least make a target to complete this within 60-90 days.

  • when you legitimately begin a business, your first products purchased for testing and demonstration can be a complete business expanse. Aha! a tax benefit for Shaklee-izing.

  • Work with your sponsor/mentor to see if there are kits or packages that give special benefits as you get started.

What do I do with my ‘brand X’ products that I’m no longer using? Don’t throw them away!

  • Save some for display and demo. Show what you used to use — and now what you’ve replaced it with. You’ll be amazed at the examples you can show.

  • Donate them. There are so many organizations, or food banks, or thrift shops, that can value your contribution. And keep a record. Check with your tax advisor if this could be a tax deduction. At the very least, it can be a conversation starter on why you have replaced those products.

Set the example for everyone you know…and see the business develop long-term and lifetime customers. Do you have any idea the value of such customers over years and decades? THEY benefit, and so can you.

2019 Incentives -- Info all in one place

Wisdom: You may not qualify in the first few weeks of an incentive, but you can get a valuble head start. And you definitely can fail to qualify during the first few weeks simply because of not studying the rules and creating activities soon enough. So here’s summary and where to look.

Be prepared for the webinar with printed copies of these:

Cars, New Director’s Conference, Dream & Top Achievers Trips & Recognitions:

2020 Dream Incentive Quick Reference Guide
2019-2020 Incentive Booklet - Print this out, highlight, and keep in a working folder
Dream Plan Chart

Link to Laura Hostetler Webinar

February-June Cash Incentive “Live It-Share It”

PGV Incentives Feb - June 2019
Tracker for PGV IncentivesUse Member ID # with password Growth2019. with the Shaklee ID, you can track all members in your group.
Rick Seymour’s Simple Presentation on the current PV Incentives —

Slide Summary of incentives

Please work with your own business leader for specific suggestions on strategies to achieve each milestone.

To be most effective, also have your
✅Why and story
✅Goal board
✅Vision/dream board
✅What income you desire

Meet Laura Evans -- Corporate Exec to star Business Leader "P" = Partners.

One of the joys of our business is the lifetime friendships we create. And surprise: sometimes they’re actually ‘competitors’ — meaning we’re working with the same Shaklee company but we’re not even in the same business organizations.

Here’s a treasured friend, mentor, and partner in our business ventures: Senior Master Coordinator Laura Evans.

  • Here in her own words is her personal story: Mother of 4, 25 years a senior corporate executive, including President of a $1+ Billion company. Now independent entrepreneur, business owner and Senior Shaklee Sales Leader.

  • Additional prestige: Laura’s “Network Marketing Hero” interview by Richard Bliss Brooke, 40+ year personal coach and network marketing mentor. To be invited to do such an interview is a very high honor. Enjoy.

“P” Stands for Partners — the people you will look to be mentored by, who will be your role models, and who can also become your lifetime friends. If we’re known by the friends and associates we spend most time with, we know you’ll be impressed to know Laura is one you can look forward to working with.

Check for additional Partners you can look forward to working with.

Looking to embark on your Four Year Career?

Questions for you:

  • It all starts with WHY? Why do you want a business?  And then WHY will someone else want to join you and have their own business. Invest 18 minutes in this classic TED Talk from Simon SinekRemember this “Golden Circle.” When you’re tempted to stumble over to “How” do I do this or “What” do I do, remember it all starts with WHY.

  •  ·Clear objectives for the next 90 Days…What results will be worth it for you? Example: $1000/month income. WHY? What will it mean to you?  Start in paying off debt? Funding kid’s programs? Deposit on a new place to live? Recognition?  Be specific. It’s not the $$ that will motivate. It’s what does the $$ mean to you? In pictures? WHY?

  •  Pull out your calendar.

 o   Where will your business development time fit into your existing schedule?

o   Can you prioritize the business activities you’ll commit to be part of? As a Leader, these activities are not longer ‘optional.’ They are opportunities for you to step up and to use them to invite your own team.

§  Business Leader calls & webinars.

§  Local meeting’ s – weekly, or special events.

§  Regional events

§  National conference and other events

  • Already a Raving Fan of the Shaklee products?  Is there still “Brand X” around your house? See Are you a Raving Fan of the Products?

  • How’s support from your family or support team?

    Of course it’s ideal that everyone’s on board and fully supportive. Note: you may want to reach out to some mentors to talk with the family. At the very least, look for ‘benignly neutral.’ Support with family matters when you’re working on business. Ideally a bit on the ‘encouraging’ side and then— looking ahead, of course, to the time when they begin to see the results you’re working for and then support is often easier to come by.

  • Where to connect with Leader information?

    • Follow the events and notes.

    • Notes & links to coming Team events.

  • Decide who will be your primary mentor. As soon as you start, there will be ideas from everywhere. Often online, or from promotions or suggestions from random sources. This is when it’s important to stay focused, and decide who you’re going to follow. Think of joining the business as joining a sports team. There may be many good coaches, and many good plans. What will not work is continuing to switch back and forth. When you get to Master Coordinator, you can get creative. Until then, follow your mentors and stay focused!


Culture: The heart of everything

Shaklee's remarkable heritage and vision for the future

Culture. Legacy. Foundations.

Primary qualities to look for in any business venture or partnership.

You’re trusting your own health.
You want to be in integrity with recommendations to people you care about.

And for SURE you want to know you can rely on a lifetime partnership with the company you’re in business with.